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Glass blog design contest "PLAY"

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2018-10-17 14:25:16

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Glass blog design contest "PLAY"
Submitted by mod on Tue, 2018-10-09 14:32
Glass blog design contest "PLAY"
Art4d and Bangkok Crystal Co., Ltd. invite students of higher education Participated in the contest "Glass", "PLAY", won a prize worth more than 60,000 baht.

Design Issues
Remember the image of the "glass block" we are familiar with. It is a decorative material for the bathroom wall and commercial building. It appears only monotonous pattern. It is considered to be used in architecture and design is limited, however, if we consider the properties of the material. Art4d, together with Bangkok Crystal Co., Ltd., invites students from higher education. From all branches of design. Interpret and submit entries under the "PLAY" section to challenge the perception we have on glass blogs. And find out the hidden nature of this kind of material that is commonly seen. The need to be open to new possibilities. Scope of the contest entries can be Both designs and materials. Experiments on the properties of materials in various aspects. Or even applying the material to different contexts and scales. From the appliances at the individual level. To the architectural space and create a city-level environment.

Terms of participation

Eligible applicants must be university students. Design related fields
Contestants can join up to a maximum of one team per team. Each team will be able to submit more than one entry, but will receive only one prize.
All works or parts submitted to the contest. Must be a concept and style that has never been presented before. And do not violate the work of others. If awarded and later discovered to be void. And was called all night. To give the right to continue.
The copyright of the work is owned by the contestant and company. Bangkok Crystal Co., Ltd.
Art4d and Bangkok Crystal Co., Ltd. reserves the right to publish. And show every piece. As well as other information. The contest is publicized in all forms.
Presentation format

Contestants must submit works on the A1 (594 x 841 mm) area.
Name the design details and design ideas. Up to 300 words (in Thai and / or English only).
The board must not appear on the board. But give name - last name. Educational institution Faculty and Department Contact numbers and emails can be found on the application form.

Send the work in digital format as a pdf file, resolution 300 dpi, and attach the applicant's entry form to the email. bkkcrystaldesign2018@gmail.com with the subject by name - surname Followed by educational institutions.
You can send your work by yourself at Four Corporation Co., Ltd. (art4d) at 5 Soi Sukhumvit 26 (Soi Athakavee 1), Sukhumvit Road, Klongton, Bangkok 10110.
Received works until October 15, 2018, extended to October 22, 2011.

Contest Award

award winners Prizes worth 30,000 baht, trophies and certificates.
First runner up Prize worth 15,000 baht, trophies with certificates.
Second runner up Prizes worth 10,000 baht, trophies with certificates.
Popular Vote 5,000 baht with certificate
Jury judge

Asst. Prof. Boonsee Premthada (Bangkok Project Studio)
Sabine Burin Artist and Tom Dannecker (Thingsmatter)
Spaceshift Studio
Bangkok Crystal Co., Ltd.

Call 02-260-2606-8 on Monday? - Eh? 10:00 - 18:30
Email bkkcrystaldesign2018@gmail.com
Press Release: K. Kawin Rongkunpirom

Contest Type:
Design Contest
Eligibility: Student
Total Prize Money:
60,000 Baht
Contest's URL:
Download details and application.
Glass Design Contest
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