Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Programing Visual
Communication Design 2012             

B.F.A.( Visual Communication Design)

Total: 132 credits

General subjects: 30 credits

1. Languages: 12 credits

GEL1001 Thai Usage 3 (3-0-6) credits                       

GEL1002 English for Communicationand Information Retrieval 3(3-0-6) credits                     

GEL1003 English for Communication and StudySkills (3-0-6) credits

GEL2001 (Elective) Thai forAcademic Purposes  3(3-0-6) credits

GEL2002 (Elective)  English forAcademic Purposes  3(3-0-6) credits

2.Humanities and Social Science: 9 credits

GEH1001 Aesthetic Appreciation  3 (3-0-6) credits

GEH1002 Thai Society in Global Context 3 (3-0-6) credits

GEH2001 Self Development (Elective) 3 (3-0-6) credits

GEH2002 Philosophy of Life (Elective) 3 (3-0-6) credits

3.Science and Technology: 9 credits

GES1001 IT for Communication and Learning 3 (3-0-6) credits

GES1002 Science and Technology for Quality of Life  3 (3-0-6) credits

GES2001  Science and Technology and Environment (Elective) 3 (3-0-6) credits

GES2002 Thinking and Decision Making (Elective) 3 (3-0-6) credits

Specialized subjects 92 credits

1. Core subjects   27 credits

VCD1101 Basic Drawing 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD1102 Basic Painting 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD1103 Basic Print Making 3(2-2- 5) credits

VCD1104 Basic Sculpture 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD1105 Principle of Design 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD1106 Basic Drafting 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD1201 History of  Art 3(2-2-5) credits           
VCD1501 Design by Computer 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD1502 Basic Photography  3(2-2-5) credits

2. Specialized subjects 47 credits

VCD1202 History of Graphic Design3(2-2-5) credits

VCD2301 Introduction to  Visual  Communication  Design  3(2-2-5) credits

VCD2302 Signand  Symbol Design  3(2-2-5) credits

VCD2303 PrintingGraphic Design 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD2304 Illustration Design 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD2305 Lettering andTypography Design 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD2501 Photography for  Visual  Communication  Desig3(2-2-5) credits

VCD3301 AdvertisingDesign 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD3302 Video and  Audio  Graphic  Design 3(2-2-5) credits

VCD3401 Packaging Design 3(2-2-5) credits               

VCD3501 Multimedia  3(2-2-5) credits       

VCD3901 VisualCommunication  Design  Presentation3(2-2-5) credits 

VCD3902 Research Methodology in Visual Communication Design 3(2-2-5) credits                                

VCD3903 Seminarin Visual  Communication  Design 3(2-2-5) credits         

VCD4901 Special Project in Visual  Communication  Design 4(2-4-6) credits

3. English  6 credits

VCD2201 English for Visual Communication Designer 3(3-0-6) credits

VCD3201  English for Visual Communication Designer Presentation3(3-0-6) credits     

4. Management 6 credits

VCD1203 Introduction  to  Design  Business  Operation 3(3-0-6) credits

VCD2202 Visual  Communication  Design  Business 3(3-0-6) credits

5. Practicum  7 credits

VCD3801 Preparation for Professional Experience in Visual Communication Design2 (90) credits        

VCD4801 Professional Visual Communication Design Apprenticeship 5(450) credits                      


VCD3802 Preparation for Cooperative Education for Visual Communication Design 1(45) credits  

VCD4802 Cooperative  Education for VisualCommunication Design 6(540)credits                       

Elective Subjects  6 credits

VCD3202  Creative Thinking Development Techniques 3(2-2-5)  credits
VCD3402 Environmental Graphic 3(2-2-5)  credits

VCD3403 Exhibition Design 3(2-2-5)  credits

VCD3502 Character Design 3(2-2-5)  credits

VCD3503 3 – Dimensional Computer Graphic 3(2-2-5)  credits

VCD3504 Animation 3(2-2-5)  credits